Ashtakavarga chart tobe verified and find out the strenth of each houses. The important houses are 1st the Lagna, 2nd dhana sthana, 4th sukha. Know your Ashtakavarga Prediction for professional core competence with vedic astrology, ashtakavarga analysis has unique strength to calculate the. As per Ashtakavarga in birth chart we can find the strength of planet based rashi the strength of the planet we can predict more result about the planet strength.

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House and Lords of the House.

Pls Await for some time. This elaborate report will help you unleash your professional core competence and progress faster and achieve more in your career. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email.

The Bindus of lagna add up to 49, the student has tow options – to include lagna thereby obtaining bindus in all. Even the hand writing at times would be illegible. Any one of the above two combinations in the native horoscopes can give inheritance. You can know your daily, weekly ashtakavaega monthly predictions free of cost through this membership.

In a horoscope there are minimum benefic points for e. He needs somebody to be with him all the time. Click here to view your personalized report.

Results of Planetary Transits If in a horoscope any of the houses contain benefic dots more than 28 then whenever a planet transits that house the native will experience the benefic results governed to that house and will be in proportion to the extent of the number of benefic dots.

Your Birth chart yields the ability to reveal your future with regards to your career and professional competence. Perhaps there is something wrong with regard to children. For travelling and other religious workhouses and ascendant with less than 25 benefic dots should be avoided.

Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Once we get a horoscope for analysis, we need to exert an Ashtakavarga chart before beginning our application of rules and our analysis of its impact.


In case they have 25 or less then 25 in their rashi or Moon sign then their marriage would be unhappy and a failure. Some of them are given below: Ownership of Vehicles If the 4 th house has 30 or more benefic dots and it is associated with benefic planets either by placement or aspect then the native owns vehicles.

Moreover, they used to memorise all the text book rules and upon seeing a chart, they can immediately immediatel y detect the presence of yogas in the chart.

I am the key to your Future: ASHTAKAVARGA PREDICTION

If the ascendant has 30 benefic dots and majority of planets are placed in the 9 th and the 10 th house then the native enjoys happy and relaxed life. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Notify me of new comments via email. Starting from the ascendant till the house which has Saturn both inclusive add up the total number of benefic dots.

Therefore I request you to send a sample chart please. Her mother, she and her sister had to fight it out for close to asjtakavarga years and despite all odds they made it. This competency could act as a strong pillar of our professional life. Weakest house — The house that has the lowest score is weak.

We remain grateful to both of them.


September 7, at Thank You For the constructive comments. If the ascendant lord is in the 4 th house containing more than 30 benefic dots then the native is happy and without any problems.

That division which contains malefic planets will be unhappy and sad one. You are commenting using your Ashtakavaga account. If the 11 th house contains more numbers of benefic dots than the 10 th house then prerictions native will get more money than the efforts put in by him.

If the ascendant has 40 benefic dots; Jupiter is in Sagittarius, Venus is in Pisces, Mars is exalted and Saturn is in Aquarius then such a native will be extremely rich and King of Kings.


Thank you for your suggestion. Please fill this form, we will try to respond as soon predicttions possible. In an Ashtakvarga horoscope if a planet is predictons the cusp at the beginning or the end of a zodiacal sign then the results obtained may be doubtful and so will be the case if in a Chalit horoscope when there are two houses in one zodiacal sign or one house containing two zodiacal signs.

With regard to wealth the Sarva-ashtakavarga should be used in the following manner. Hence astrologers are advised to consider the degreecal difference and the zodiacal sign of planets while giving predictions. If Mars is placed in any house then at the age indicated by the benefic dots in that house the native is likely to get injured by weapons.

If the 3 rd division is bigger than the 2nd division and the 2 nd division is bigger than the first division then Kaahal yoga is generated.

The crucial point we need to note is that Rahu and Ketu do not yield any bind us at all.

Rediscover Professional competency – Your birth chart says a lot!

If registered, then Click Here to view this report or Free Sign up with 3 simple steps! Results of Planetary Transits. Only in the late seventies computerized packages for astrology started becoming popular. Kaahal Yoga If the 3 rd division is bigger than the 2nd division and the 2 nd division is bigger than the first division then Kaahal yoga is generated.

Ashtakvarga Thumb Rules

This is a valid question but very difficult to answer. You are commenting using your WordPress. Where Jupiter is placed then at the age indicated by the number of benefic dots in that house the native gets children and wealth.

Predictions are given by E-mail: